About me

Salve friends,

it is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to this agora of European friendship.

My name is Steffen Daniel Meyer and it is my firm belief that only with a United Europe, we Europeans may tackle the challenges that lie ahead of us.

Having worked as a journalist and in the political realm as well as being active for the pan-european party Volt Europa, I have familiarized myself with European politics, history, culture and economy. Now I seek to combine this knowledge with my communication skills to burst the national media bubbles that still dominate and distort the European conversation. I do so in a creative way on social media that may scare off the nobles but attract the masses. 

If you, like me, believe in a United Europe and want to challenge the status quo, I invite you to support me on this quest. You may do so by buying something from my shop or hiring me for my services. Feel free to send me inquiries via mail at contact@steffendmeyer.eu.


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Steffen D. Meyer